Brookside Botanicals

Botanical Tea Ceremony & Pottery

Immerse yourself in the calming ritual of our botanical tea ceremony and the therapeutic joy of pottery, nestled in the beautiful surroundings of our organic herb farm.

Let go, relax, and be guided through our calming and peaceful Botanical Tea Ceremony, whilst being uplifted by aromatic organic herbs from our meadow. Then channel your inspiration with the hands-on process of molding and sculpting your own unique botanical pottery plate and tea bowl, that will remind you of your deeply connecting experience with yourself.

We are all gardeners and growers here at Brookside Farm, and we believe in cultivation of all things beautiful, good and true - herbs, hearts and the Culture of the Spirit. 

Britain’s rural traditions were full of sacred rituals for auspicious beginnings, nurturing festivals and celebratory endings, all finely tuned to the rhythms of Nature.

Combining ancient wisdom, herbal lore and the beautiful tradition of English Tea Time, we have designed Tea Ceremonies to suit every occasion and every personality. We are delighted to welcome all of you into our space, to leave everything you thought you knew about ceremony, about tea and about you behind, and to give you the very best opportunity to connect with your Self, others and Nature.

Invite friends, family, colleagues or join like-minded individuals and create meaningful memories.

Leave feeling rested, relaxed and full of new wisdom and insights about the world within and without, just waiting to be explored.

Dates Available 2024