Berry Sour

This spring we have come up with some new mocktail recipes to let you enjoy the full flavours of the botanical drinks and show you some of the delicious pairings that enhance the flavour and leave you feeling refreshed. 

This recipe in particular, is extremely pretty and serves as a crowd pleaser for any upcoming picnics and social gatherings. 


3-4 capfuls of Calm 

25ml of berry compote 

50ml of apple juice 

1 small egg white 

A handful of ice cubes 

Rose geranium flower to garnish 



Cocktail shaker 

Measuring cups 




Pour all the ingredients into the cocktail shaker. Shake until you get a nice frothy mixture. Place the sieve over your cup and pour the mixture into the cup. 

Place a rose geranium flower to garnish and enjoy! 


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