Calm, elderflower and turmeric spritz recipe

What better way to end the day than sipping a refreshing, zingy drink which will give you all the buzz without the fuzz.

Ingredients and equipment: 

1-2 cap-fulls of calm 
3 tbsp elderflower cordial 
1 inch fresh turmeric, juiced
500ml of tonic water 
5 ice cubes
Cocktail shaker or 2 metal cups


1 Lemon, juiced
1tbsp brown sugar


Fill your cocktail shaker with the elderflower cordial, the Calm and the turmeric juice. Shake it well. 
Pour the lemon juice into a flat dish, place your glass upside down in the lemon juice so it covers the rim of the glass. Pour the sugar into a plate, dip the lemon covered rim in the sugar and use a spoon to help cover the rim of the glass with sugar. 
Place the ice cubes in the glass, pour the cocktail shaker mixture into the glass and top up the rest of the glass with the tonic water. 

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