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Why we stand our from the rest...

Small independent regenerative farm

Run by 3 generations of women

100% homegrown ingredients.

Harvested and bottled by hand.

No added water or other ingredients.

100% undiluted distillate.

No preservatives in our drinks, no chemicals on our crops.

100% pure product.

Drinking rituals

A calm warwickshire fog recipe
Here is our take on a London Fog with our very own Calm blend. This is great as an afternoon drink to relax and enjoy on your own or with some friends. Paired very well with a chocolate biscuit. 
Morning clarity recipe
A great way to start your day and help freshen up your mind before your productive day. This is our preferred way to start the day. 
Calm, elderflower and turmeric spritz recipe
What better way to end the day than sipping a refreshing, zingy drink which will give you all the buzz without the fuzz.


What our customers say
Harriet - Health

Brookside botanicals are the perfect tonic, I really enjoy the ritual of drinking a warm dose of courage each morning, and sipping it from my water bottle throughout the day. The delicate flavours enhance my water, whilst the heart-nurturing properties of these wonderful hand-picked herbs work their special magic. Thank you brookside botanicals and please can I buy some more

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Pippa Prosser - Ceramic artist
I had covid at the start of last summer. I wasn't particularly ill but at the same time, I was studying for an MA and writing my final dissertation. I had terrible 'brain fog' and was really struggling to formulate my ideas. I started to add 'Clarity' Brookside Botanical to my drinking water. I loved the subtle, floral taste, it felt pure and nourishing. Almost immediately I felt a difference - my brain was functioning again! It was such a relief, I was able to continue afresh with my writing, feeling confident and having clear thoughts.
A totally new experience, something really unique. Delicate but complex flavours. Botanical sophistication. I love it in the evening after work with tonic and ice. Courage and clarity are my favourites depending on what mood and taste I'm feeling. A gift from nature.
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I took calm during my A-level exams, and it noticeably helped me feel more relaxed through such a stressful period of my life. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a little peace in their life.
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Our Brookside Botanicals journey

Our Story

Our Story

We are a small family business in rural Warwickshire and when we discovered that our field was growing medicinal herbs that have been used for thousands of years, we decided to offer them to the world as delicious drinks for mood and wellbeing.
From Seed to Sip

From Seed to Sip

This is the journey of the herbs inside your drink. Each one is home grown from seed, root or cutting here on our farm, using completely Nature friendly growing techniques, and nurtured by Mother Nature until it reaches its peak of health and beneficial properties. It is then harvested by hand, and slowly distilled over many hours to retain all the goodness in every drop that arrives in your bottle.