They are distilled aromatic herbal tonics, made from fresh home grown herbs that are water distilled. 

Clarity has water distilled nettle, cow parsley, blackthorn, hawthorn and peppermint.

Courage has water distilled rose geranium, chamomile, hyssop, borage and thistle

Calm has water distilled lemon balm, meadowsweet, lavender, elderflower and vervain

The drinks are intended to be diluted with water as they are made from pure virgin distilled herbs. They can be mixed with tonic water, sparkling water, juices, hot water, as a mocktail ingredient or experiment with your own creativity.

Fresh spring nettles and almondy notes of blackthorn blossom.

Punchy Rose geranium with a hint of appley chamomile.

A summer meadow with almondy meadowsweet and hints of lemon balm, lavender and elderflower.



Yes, brookside botanicals contains only natural ingredients which are all listed above.

If you are concerned, please consult your doctor beforehand.

2 years from production, before opening. During this time it can be stored at room temperature.

Once opened it must be stored in the fridge and consumed within 4 weeks.

No, it is a distillation which makes it a spirit and it does not contain sugar or sweetener or any additives and preservatives.


Although it is produced in a similar way to gin, brookside botanicals uses water instead of alcohol to make alcohol free spirits.

Yes, brookside botanicals contains only natural ingredients which are all listed above therefore they are safe for children to consume. 

The drinks do not contain any listed allergens. However, individuals can be sensitive to ingredient in food and drink, so check the ingredients list first.

By a process of water distillation in copper alembic stills.

Drop us an email and we will arrange a tasting.

We are unable to advise if Brookside Botanicals is safe for consumption with specific medications, so we would recommmend consulting a medical practitioner if you have any concerns.

At room temperature, until they are opened and then they must be kept in the fridge.

At any time of day.