Iced rhubarb and Courage tea recipe

A refreshing way to relax on a hot summers day and when you have overdosed on lemonade, why not try this rhubarb iced tea with our Courage.


1.5 litres of water + 400ml 
6 rhubarb stalks
2 white tea bags 
2-3 cap-fulls of courage 
1 vanilla pod 
Honey to sweeten 



Springs of mint

Slices of lime


Bring the water to boil and then switch off the heat. Add the tea bags and let the brew steep for 10 minutes. Remove the tea bags and turn the heat back on. 
Wash and roughly chop the rhubarb stalks and add to the brew. Scrap out the paste from the vanilla pod and add to the brew. Add 200ml of water and once it is boiling, turn it down to simmer for 1hr 15mins. 
Remove brew from the heat and strain into a heat proof container. Once cooled to room temperature, place in the fridge till it is cold. 
Take out of the fridge and add the cap fulls of courage and honey to sweeten to your preference. Pour into glasses and garnish with sprigs of mint and slices of lime. 
Serve out as a summery treat to you and your friends.


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