Nettle & Clarity mojito recipe

A great one to enjoy with friends in the evening with a charcuterie board and some party tunes.


1 cup of crushed ice 
3-6 handful of fresh nettle 
2 limes
2 cap-fulls of clarity 
3 tbsp of honey 
1 can of sparkling water 
Mint leaves to garnish 


Cocktail shaker 
Muslin cloth or tea strainer 


Carefully place the nettles in the blender. Blitz till a pump and place in a muslin cloth. Strain the nettles till you have a 1/4 cup of nettle juice. In the shaker, place the crushed ice, nettle juice, squeeze the limes, pour the Clarity and the honey. Shake vigorously till it is well combined. 
Pour into a high ball glass of your choosing and add sparkling water. Add mint to garnish. 

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