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Each week we will share with you what is happening on the farm. Wellbeing is at our core being tied together with friendship.

Are People Poetry?

by Rosemary Maitland-Hume

Well, I suppose we are -

Sort of - Poetry!

Each day's a

Line of life -

A beginning

And an end

To measure in the

Notebook of our life;

Scribble, scribble

Through each day -

Sometimes a programme

To follow or planned

Moments to research -

Watching ourselves

Connect and disconnect

Breakfast, lunch, tea, supper

Eyes closed for dreams

Which somehow creep into

Our attention from

Unfathomed deeps.

But - you know what? -

The Time that's best,

The Fun part of this

Life poetry is when

We jump onto the

Skateboard of grabbing

The Tick of Now -

The sheer bright clean

Moment when the bubble

Of our own perceptions and

Small observations and


Is suddenly popped and

We burst through into

The Shimmering Present

And feel our small selves

Grow smaller still

And indistinct -

Eyes, ears, emotions all

Thrilled into a

Pin point realization

That there is more and

So much more

To scribble on the page.


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched — they must be felt with the heart. Helen Keller



Each week for the past few years we have been meeting for an hour and half on Zoom to write together for wellbeing. A piece of writing is read as inspiration often from the beautiful Earth Pathways diaries and then a timer is set for 5 minutes. We let our pens flow, not worrying about spelling or grammar. Incredible and illuminating outpourings have moved us to tears and laughter. Through this blog we will share with you some of the pieces which have been written -

by Katherine Headlam


We are excited to share our journey with you!


This new way of being

This new way of living

Embracing a quieter rhythm

Lead by nature

Holding our hand

Each step of the way.

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