Boost your mood and well-being with our blend of herbs that cleanse, energise and restore focus. 

Our herbs are homegrown, hand-picked and artisan distilled on our organic farm in Warwickshire, England. 

Up to 35 servings, adding 2-4 capfuls will transform your water, hot or cold, into a hydrating well-being drink. 

Alcohol free spirit


Clarity Herb Heros

The botanical magic behind this blend


Fresh green notes of spinach and cucumber


Cooling tones of fresh spearmint and water mint combined


Subtle almond flavour


Subtle almond flavour

Cow Parsley

Sweet notes of parsley and aniseed

Do you want to feel full of positive energy for being productive, and full of mental clarity and focus?

The first Spring herbs of the year are traditionally associated with cleansing and detoxification of the body after a long winter where stagnation can set in.  

The Spring flush of plant growth is loaded with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and therapeutic properties.

The first blossoms on the hedges are the almond scented creamy blackthorn flowers which, although looking so delicate, are nevertheless incredibly resilient and withstand harsh weather and freezing temperatures!  A nice reminder of the help that this hedgerow herb offers to us in those moments when we need to be strong and full of determination to hold our nerve. 

Nettle is packed with nutrients and cleansing properties, and helps us to let go of negative energy, so that we are able to change and move forward in our lives. 

Hawthorn has long been associated with a strong heart.  Listening to our heart gives us self confidence, and protects us from getting carried away by our mental projections. 

Cow Parsley is aromatic and cleansing, with flowers that form lacy mandalas at the foot of the hedgerows.  They help us come into balance with ourselves, and to harmonise with the natural rhythms of Nature. 

Peppermint focuses the mind and clears the head, and enhances all the other flavours of this helpful blend of herbs.

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