Boost your mood and well-being with our blend of herbs that offer inner peace and reassurance.

Our herbs are homegrown, hand-picked and artisan distilled on our organic farm in Warwickshire, England. 

Up to 35 servings, adding 2-4 capfuls will transform your water, hot or cold, into a hydrating well-being drink. 

Alcohol free spirit


Calm Herb Heros

The botanical magic behind this blend


Notes of honey, almond, vanilla and watermelon


Unique floral herbaceous notes with soft woody undertones


Fresh fruity notes of pear and lychee

Lemon Balm

Bright citrusy hints of lemon and mint


Mild astringent bitter notes

Sometimes we feel anxious and worried about the future, and thoroughly uncomfortable within ourselves.  This feeling separates us from our still centre and sense of inner peace.  Luckily plant heroes are growing all around us to help lift our spirits and let us remember there can be safe spaces in pockets of time spent peacefully absorbing their energies.

Plants grow in places where they can make the most of the resources available.  Our meadow is rich with the scents of this beautiful blend of soothing herbs growing companionably together.  Biodiversity is key - the long rooted plants mine nutrients from deep in the earth, and the short rooted discover those closer to the surface. 

In time they will all share this rich natural bounty.  We are reminded that each of us is unique and has a very special role to play in our groups, families and communities.  Connection is key and connecting with and accepting ourselves is where it all starts.

Elderflower is widely known to boost the immune system, helping us feel invincible. 

Meadowsweet integrates the emotions, improves digestion and was used to improve cheerfulness. 

Lemon Balm is taken to calm the nerves and balance the mind.

Vervain was sacred to the Druids of the British isles, and was known to ward off negativity both within and without, and to make a person strong.

Lavender’s many properties include being a great relaxer and feel good herb.

Drinking Rituals

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