Boost your mood and well-being with our blend of herbs that improve self belief and inner strength. 

Our herbs are homegrown, hand-picked and artisan distilled on our organic farm in Warwickshire, England. 

Up to 35 servings, adding 2-4 capfuls will transform your water, hot or cold, into a hydrating well-being drink. 

Alcohol free spirit


Courage Herb Heros

The botanical magic behind this blend

Rose Geranium

Full bodied rose aroma with light citrus undertones


Crisp mild notes of cucumber


Gentle notes of apple and honey


Mild earthy undertones and stronger floral notes


Hints of mint, fennel and lavender flavours

Summer hums with fulfilment and satisfaction.  We love feeling warm, uplifted and summery inside. We all want more of that high vibe happiness, inner peace and joy.  

The most creative work we could do right now, is to grow and transform into the best versions of ourselves.  For that we need to have the courage and creativity to change what we can and to accept what we cannot.  Being in the present moment allows us to hear our inner inspiration which guides us to creative solutions for each challenge we will face.

Borage, with its never ending supply of nectar, is the colour of a clear blue sky, and was brought to Britain thousands of years ago by the Romans, when it was valued for its ability to instil courage in soldiers before battle. 

Chamomile’s soothing properties are to calm our nerves, and thistle supports us with a gentle purifying action that encourages us to be free of toxic thoughts.  

Hyssop has been used since ancient times in preparations for the chest, lungs and throat, reminding us to breathe deeply and consciously, let go of tension and pressure, and to go with the flow to channel our creativity.

Drinking Rituals

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