Herbal Wellbeing Drink Gift Set

Would you like to feel more Clarity, Courage or Calm right now?

These 3 cute little bottles (each 30ml) are each packed with powerful properties and all natural energy from our homegrown herbs, and are ready to help you make the most of your day.

Find out how these delicious herbal drinks can subtly boost your mood and mindset... [read more]

CLARITY: The Focussing Vibe

Blended distillate of Peppermint, Nettle, Cow Parsley, Hawthorn & Blackthorn

Do you want to feel full of positive energy for being productive, and full of mental clarity and focus?

The first Spring herbs of the year are traditionally associated with cleansing and detoxification of the body after a long winter where stagnation can set in.  

The Spring flush of plant growth is loaded with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and therapeutic properties.

The first blossoms on the hedges are the almond scented creamy blackthorn flowers which, although looking so delicate, are nevertheless incredibly resilient and withstand harsh weather and freezing temperatures! 

A nice reminder of the help that this hedgerow herb offers to us in those moments when we need to be strong and full of determination to hold our nerve. 

Nettle is packed with nutrients and cleansing properties, and helps us to let go of negative energy, so that we are able to change and move forward in our lives. Hawthorn has long been associated with a strong heart.  Listening to our heart gives us self confidence, and protects us from getting carried away by our mental projections. Cow Parsley is aromatic and cleansing, with flowers that form lacy mandalas at the foot of the hedgerows.  They help us come into balance with ourselves, and to harmonise with the natural rhythms of Nature.  Peppermint focuses the mind and clears the head, and enhances all the other flavours of this helpful blend of herbs.

COURAGE: The Creative Vibe

Blended distillate of Rose Geranium, Borage, Chamomile, Thistle & Hyssop

Summer hums with fulfilment and satisfaction.  We love feeling warm, uplifted and summery inside. We all want more of that high vibe happiness, inner peace and joy.  

The most creative work we could do right now, is to grow and transform into the best versions of ourselves.  For that we need to have the courage and creativity to change what we can and to accept what we cannot.  Being in the present moment allows us to hear our inner inspiration which guides us to creative solutions for each challenge we will face.

Borage, with its never ending supply of nectar, is the colour of a clear blue sky, and was brought to Britain thousands of years ago by the Romans, when it was valued for its ability to instil courage in soldiers before battle.  Chamomile’s soothing properties are to calm our nerves, and thistle supports us with a gentle purifying action that encourages us to be free of toxic thoughts.   Hyssop has been used since ancient times in preparations for the chest, lungs and throat, reminding us to breathe deeply and consciously, let go of tension and pressure, and to go with the flow to channel our creativity.

CALM: The Tranquil Vibe

Blended distillate of Elderlower, Meadowsweet, Lemon Balm, Vervain & Lavender

Sometimes we feel anxious and worried about the future, and thoroughly uncomfortable within ourselves.  This feeling separates us from our still centre and sense of inner peace. Luckily plant heroes are growing all around us to help lift our spirits and let us remember there can be safe spaces in pockets of time spent peacefully absorbing their energies.

Plants grow in places where they can make the most of the resources available.  Our meadow is rich with the scents of this beautiful blend of soothing herbs growing companionably together.  Biodiversity is key - the long rooted plants mine nutrients from deep in the earth, and the short rooted discover those closer to the surface.  In time they will all share this rich natural bounty.  We are reminded that each of us is unique and has a very special role to play in our groups, families and communities.  Connection is key.  And connecting with and accepting ourselves is where it all starts.

Elderflower is widely known to boost the immune system, helping us feel invincible.  Meadowsweet integrates the emotions, improves digestion and was used to improve cheerfulness.  Lemon Balm is taken to calm the nerves and balance the mind. Vervain was sacred to the Druids of the British isles, and was known to ward off negativity both within and without, and to make a person strong. Lavender’s many properties include being a great relaxer and feel good herb.

Simply serve 1-4 capfuls of Clarity, Courage or Calm over ice with still, sparkling or tonic water.

Alternatively, add 1-4 capfuls of Clarity, Courage or Calm to a mug of hot water for a delicious herbal brew!

You can also get creative by adding to your favourite Alcohol Free cocktails. Check out some of our suggestions below!

Storage instructions: Please look after your herbal helpers!

IMPORTANT: Once opened treat as a fresh product and store in the fridge for up to one month. There are absolutely no preservatives in this product, so what you get is only the purest freshest ingredients of the herbs. Look after them carefully and they will look after you.

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